Today we pay tribute to

John Mucheru

John Mucheru was born on Nov 17,1946. Over 26 years, he dominated golf circles. Young Mucheru had a small beggining as a caddie for white settler golfers at Limuru Golf club. Being a humble and intelligent boy, he impressed the whites with his knowledge of the game despite not having the opportunity to play. Mucheru was fortunate as a generous white man gave him some golf clubs which enabled him to start playing. Mucheru was among the first black Kenyans to play golf in Kenya among a majority of white settlers.

Mucheru began his championship by winning several tournaments and eventually dominating the game. He won in the Championship in 1970, 71 and 72. Mucheru captained the Kenya team in international golf competitions for more than fifteen years and was the amateur winner of the Kenya Open Golf Championship for five years. He was a life member at several golf clubs here in Kenya where he left the course record.

Mucheru set up a leading golf distributorship in the country to ensure a consistent supply of golf equipments. He passed away on 26 June, 1996.

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