Today we pay tribute to

Alu Mendoca

Alu Mendoca (5 January 1933-10 March 2017) was born in Anjuna, Goa. Later in the years, he moved to Kenya with his family where he joined Dr Ribeiro’s Goan School. It was in this school that his exceptional talent in athlete was recognized leading to him being selected to represent the Schools Combined XI against touring all India in 1948-1949. Alu represented Kenya at four Olympic Games.

His first appearance came in 1956 where Kenya made its Olympic debut in Melbourne. His team mate Anthony Vaz was awarded the unique honor of being the flag bearer. At the club level Alu played for the Railway Goan Institute where he captained the team to the club’s first three Souza Gold Cup victories in 1958.

In 1960, Mendonca captained for Kenya and ended his career following the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 where he earned an Olympic Certificate. In 1971, he was an assistant coach in hockey World Cup where Kenya finished fourth in the world.

Mendonca was later appointed national coach where he attended two more Olympic visits to Munich in 1972 and Montreal four years later. Mendonca not only participated in hockey games but also happened to be a first-class sprinter. He opened the bowling for the railway Goan Institute cricket team and was the greatest left wing Kenya has ever produced.

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