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Exclusive Interview with The President Of The Republic Of Kenya, Hon. William Ruto

Naivasha Rally June 2023. Get exclusive insight of this exciting sport news from the 5th president of Kenya.
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Has a reputation to uphold - with an inbuilt, natural zeal to always maintain high journalistic standards, along with providing reliable and trustworthy news.


Prioritises accuracy and fact-checking, thus reducing the chances of spreading false information.


Strives to always be objective in his reporting, minimizing bias and personal opinions.


Always maintains a high level of professionalism and accountability, which helps to build trust with readers, listeners-and viewers.


Sean insists on working with a team of experienced analysts and experts who help him provide valuable insights and in-depth analysis at all times.

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Sean Cardovillis has covered-and continues to cover a wide range of sporting events regionally and globally, providing first-hand comprehensive coverage of the sports world at all times.

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